see an instant change in your phone habits today.

clearspace: an intentionality layer

clearspace is a lever for you at your best to influence you at your most distractable

complete a centering exercise

take a moment before entering an app.

stay present or continue with limits

never get lost in the scroll again. tell us how long you want to be there and we'll pull you out at the end

enable clearspace on selected apps

select which apps you want to limit your time on.

hear from clearspace users

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redesign your digital life, reduce your screen time

redesign your digital life

it's easy to impulse click and doom-scroll. clearspace lets you focus on what matters.

  • redirect impulse clicks

    by enforcing a time buffer, clearspace retrains you to stop impulsively opening apps

  • session lengths

    select the session length you need. clearspace pulls you out at the end, so you don't get lost in the scroll

  • data insights

    track your progress over time with advanced analysis of your app usage patterns.

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