Neuroscience Experts Join the Clearspace Team

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Neuroscience Experts Join the Clearspace Team

[San Francisco, Sept 14, 2023] - Clearspace, the Y Combinator-backed startup, is thrilled to announce that Dr. Dalton Combs PhD and Dr. Vince Enachescu PhD have joined Clearspace as advisors.

After their time in the graduate program at USC, Dalton and Vince were founding members of Boundless Mind, a now-acquired AI startup that helped make it easier for individuals to set and stick to behavior change plans. Dalton and Vince were two of the key contributors to the coincidentally similarly named Space app that was a tool released in 2016 to take a crack at solving the impulse app open problem.

“Meeting Dalton and Vince was this unbelievable moment - we realized we were crossing paths with perhaps some of the most qualified people on the planet to advise us on our mission. The combination of deep scientific expertise and practical wisdom gained from launching an early app for phone overuse is incredibly rare, and has been a valuable addition to the Clearspace team.” said Royce Branning, Cofounder and CEO of Clearspace.

Dalton echoed the enthusiasm. “For all the reasons we may have been too early, Clearspace is just in time. The technology for changing digital environments has come a very long way. But more importantly, you can feel the wave of people waking up to this problem. I’m delighted to be hands-on with this problem again working with the Clearspace team.”


Dr. T. Dalton Combs PhD

Dalton earned his Ph.D. in Neuroeconomics from the University of Southern California. His research used neuroimaging to study the development of attention, how value is represented in the brain, and how value-based reasoning develops. 

Dr. Vince Enachescu PhD

Vince earned his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Southern California his graduate research was focused on decision making in human motor control. Discovering how people trade off effort, accuracy, and consistency as they make reaching movements.

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