Remote Work Distractions: 6 Ways to Protect Your Attention and Focus While Working from Home

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Remote Work Distractions: 6 Ways to Protect Your Attention and Focus While Working from Home

How to Keep Yourself from Getting Distracted When You Work from Home

The remote working revolution has transformed many people’s lives. As well as reducing the need for costly and uncomfortable commutes, the shift away from the office has improved many people’s work-life balance and given workers in rural areas greater access to high-quality roles. 

However, working from home comes with its own set of challenges. For many, the trickiest aspect of home working is resisting various distractions – from endless social media feeds to unfinished household chores, there’s always something ready and waiting to lure you away from your professional responsibilities.

The good news is there are plenty of effective strategies available to help you stay on track and boost productivity, including:

1. Create a designated workspace at home

Find a quiet spot in your home and use it as a designated workspace. Sealing off a part of your home in this way will help you maintain psychological distance between your family and work lives, as well as minimize clutter, noise, and distractions. If possible, invest a little time and money into making your workspace conducive to productivity. For example, you could improve your lighting arrangement, utilize ergonomic furniture, and fill your space with inspiring décor.

2. Minimize digital distractions

Fight the temptation to scroll digital media by setting specific times to check your personal emails, turning off non-essential notifications on your phone, and installing website blockers or productivity apps. Staying disciplined can feel like an uphill battle at first, but your attention span will thank you in the long term.

3. Practice the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique involves working in 25-minute bursts, allowing yourself a 5-minute break between every focused session. After completing four cycles, you can take an extended 15-minute break before getting back to work. While you may feel a little guilty taking a break at first, the Pomodoro Technique often helps people engage in more focused work, avoid burnout, and enhance their efficiency. 

4. Incorporate physical exercise into your workday 

Research shows that taking a 15-minute walk during your lunch break can improve concentration, reduce fatigue, and enhance well-being toward the end of the working day. Just remember to refuel with a nutritious lunch. 

5. Hold yourself accountable by tracking your progress

Remote workers often find that they have more autonomy over their working day, with less oversight from managers. While this autonomy can promote creativity and allow people to take risks, it may distract them from their primary responsibilities. Stay on track by setting goals and rewarding yourself for achieving milestones. 

6. Remind friends and family when you’re at work

Communicating your work schedule to friends and loved ones will ensure they minimize unnecessary contact during work hours. While it may feel a little awkward to set such boundaries, you’ll avoid being sucked into lengthy online chats and social media threads. 

Discover what works for you

Ultimately, the best way to minimize distractions and gain control of your working day is to try a variety of productivity techniques and discover what works for you. Some people find some techniques work better than others, so it’s worth experimenting and settling into a personalized routine.  

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