Twitter’s Favorite Viral UI Designer Joins Clearspace as Advisor

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Twitter’s Favorite Viral UI Designer Joins Clearspace as Advisor

[San Francisco, Nov 21, 2023] - Clearspace, the Y Combinator-backed startup helping tens of thousands reduce their screen time, is thrilled to announce that viral UI designer, Soren Iverson, has signed on as an advisor.

Soren has taken the internet by storm with witty satirical UI designs, posting them to Twitter to the delight of many millions in the last two years. His “what-if” spins on apps have become a cultural touchstone in tech-focused corners of Twitter, sparking conversation and laughs. They’ve caught mainstream attention too, prompting in-depth coverage from Wired, Business Insider, Gizmodo, and others.

One such design caught the attention of Clearspace. Soren’s daily “unhinged UI” imagined a ScreenTime limit that prompted a user to fix their posture. 


“I’d pay for this” one user wrote. “You’re supposed to make bad concepts”, wrote another. “Want.” was Emmet Shear, founder of Twitch and iterim CEO of OpenAI's simple response.

This UI was considered outside the realm of practical implementation by most, but for Clearspace it was the start of a fruitful collaboration. Their iPhone app is one of a precious few that has permission to customize the ScreenTime rules on a user’s phone.

“We’re actually building this” Clearspace CEO Royce Branning wrote in an initial outreach to Iverson.  He was referring to a challenge within the Clearspace where users can opt-in to earning scrolling time by walking or running.


In imagining an iPhone set up to encourage physical health, Iverson and Clearspace found common ground. Soren approaching from a UI perspective, and Clearspace from a engineering one.

"Our core mission is to help people permanently change their digital habits. We’re building a system that actually works for reducing screen time.” stated Branning. “Merging Soren's genius for intuitive design with Clearspace's genuine solutions is a match made in heaven. We’re really excited to leverage Soren's creative energies to further our mission."

Soren Iverson expressed his enthusiasm, "When satire meets reality, you have the makings of a true societal shift. Clearspace's approach has made an enormous difference in my life and I'm thrilled to join the team and drive meaningful change."

Clearspace, founded in 2019, offers novel solutions for individuals looking to reduce screen time and create meaningful habit change in their life. Its flagship iPhone app, trusted by tens of thousands, provides intuitive nudges, helping users break free from excessive screen use. For more information, visit Clearspace’s website.

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